JPD-100B/FL100B Fetal Dopple with 3Mhz prober, LCD Display with Back Light

JPD-100B/FL100B Fetal Dopple with 3Mhz prober, LCD Display with Back Light
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Product Description

JPD-100B Fetal Doppler,3Mhz probe, Ultrasound Fetal Doppler, LCD Display with Back Light

Package Includes:
*JPD-100B doppler body
*3Mhz probe.
*60Gram ultrasound gel tube ( good for over 50 tests )
*2 AA strarting batteries
*1 year warranty

The 3 MHz is an early term and general purpose Doppler probe. It will work very well through most full term pregnancies. The 2 MHz probe was designed to accommodate late term and obese pregnancies since it works best at 10 cm and larger depths. A 3 Mhz is more sensitive than a 2 Mhz probe and can pick up baby's heartbeat as early as 12 weeks gestation.

JPD-100B handheld Fetal Doppler can meet routine examination requirement of obstetricans,midwives,pregnant women. It has audio output, and can connect with earphone or recorder with audio input.

FDA & CE approved.

This product is not a diagnostic instrument. It is not an approved device for the treatment or prevention of medical conditions. All activity that is monitored and viewed with the device should not be considered a medical conclusion. The use of the machine provides audio and heart rate value that is for non-medical purposes only. For questions regarding medical conditions, please consult with a medical health professional.


* Powerful built-in speaker for listening the heartbeat without headphones
* Easy to read LCD with on/off backlight
* Clear digital fetal heart rate display
* Uses 2 AA size batteries which are easy to find (2 new Batteries are included)
* Auto-off feature & low battery consumption to ensures hours & hours of usage
* Battery icon which indicates how much battery is left
* Weights only 180g with the batteries inserted
* Compact design with buttons which are design to withstand repeated usage without wearing out or breaking