Dental Cleaner

Dental Cleaner
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Artificial Teeth Cleaner, Dental Cleaner with Nano and UV technology

This is the ONLY dental cleaner with Nano tech in the world, UV light & sonic waves for amazing results.You can choose UV-only and kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria in just minutes.

It can use the batteries or AC adpter(Free AC adapter 110V~250V included)

Clean your artificial teeth with new technology-Nano-silver & UV light, Ideal for dentures, bite plates, retainers, sport mouthguards, invisible braces and whitening trays.

With the brand-new "Nano & UV Artificial Teeth Cleanser", you can easily clean your smudgy denture. It efficiently clean your artificial teeth or jewelry with nano-silver and latest Japan technology - UV light sterilization.

* Through the latest UV light sterilization and nano-silver bacteriostasis to reach 100% spotless effect without residual chemical.
* Clean dentures with the high power of 8,000 times per minute vibration.
* Build-in power save timer to shut the power automatically after 5 minutes when you turn it on.
* Small size is perfect for home-use (by AC adapter) and travel-use (Battery)
* UV light sterilization and nano-silver mixture container can deodorize, sterilize and wash at one step.

* Dimension: 4.7" * 5.1"* 4.1"
*Inner Chamber measures 3.75" x 2.75" so some very large dentures may not fit. If you have very large dentures or custom devices, please measure them before ordering the Dental Spa
* Weight:13oz
* Vibration:8,000 times per minute
* Power Supply:Free AC adapter 110V~250V .

1 Install batteries in the unit or plug the adapter in.
2 Take out the container and pour water onto it reach 80% full.
3 Put the container back properly & tightly on the cleaner.
4 Set down the denture or jewelry and then choose either one function. (Washing & UV or UV only) It powers off automatically after 5 minutes when you turn it on.
5 In case you want to stop working in advance, press the function button for 3 seconds.
6 When the washing is done, take it out and pour out water.
( This unit is waterproof. )